My fellow SI Leaders and I held a workshop. Three people showed up. Two were only there because one of the SI leaders made them come. The other person kept leaving and coming back??
    Morning view. It was so nice out when I left for school that I decided to sport a cute dress and flats. I had to wade through ankle-deep puddles to the parking lot on the way home.
  3. Got back to work on my project...only for the 3D printer to be temperamental. Yes, that is a can of hairspray.
    I woke up from my nap to find a hooded man passed out on the couch...turns out my brother made a surprise trip home!
  5. Scored a brand new pair of dance shoes ($150 retail) for free. Someone left them behind at the studio and never came back for them. I tried them on and had a Cinderella moment. When I asked who to give the money to, my dance teacher said, "just buy me some tea and biscuits, love."
    One of my professors gave me this book to read. It's one of those "what I wish I knew when I was starting out" kind of memoirs.
  7. Sangria and tapas! At dinner, my mom told me I didn't have enough friends to have a graduation party. -chugs sangria-
    Way better than expected. The cute French exchange student turned around and asked me if I got a 100. I said "no" with probably way too much enthusiasm.
  9. Code for a spectrophotometer we're building out of Legos in Instrumental Analysis lab.
  10. FRIDAY
    One of my professors gave me his quantum physics book from grad school, for "leisure reading." Copyright 1973.
  11. Actual leisure reading: the September issue of Vanity Fair that's been sitting on my nightstand since...September. Love this gem from @mindy
    Recital day! I haven't been in a dance recital since middle school. It's a lot more fun when you're an adult because you can take a shot of whiskey before going onstage.
  13. Our reward for a show well done!