It's been crazy, y'all.
  1. Absolutely killed cards against humanity (and sangria) at girls night
  2. Pulled an all nighter and completely hated myself for it the next day
  3. Took a 2 hour calc 3 exam (and slayed it)
  4. Put together and gave a presentation at my university's symposium that will probably win Best Oral Presentation 💁
  5. Wrote a letter to my pen pal, Desiree.
  6. Recruited five students for my university's new physics program
  7. Felt the anguish of TWO failed prints for my capstone project
  8. Successfully fixed the code for said capstone project (and celebrated a successful print)
  9. Took a practice chem GRE...and realized that I should probably reschedule my test date to this summer.
  10. Learned a killer new set dance...The Three Sea Captains ⚓️
  11. Gathered the past three years of my academic life into the same general vicinity to be assembled into one binder
  12. Started reading pride and prejudice (again)
  13. Wrestled with my dog
  14. Watched the Tar Heels kick ass in the sweet 16