1. The half bun
    I don't get this one at all so I am open to any/all explanations
  2. White converse/keds/vans
    Literally how do you keep them white???????
  3. Chubbies
    Why are they paired with bow ties and dress shirts? Are they considered formal attire?
  4. Nail bling
    How does it hold up to hand washing? Does it get caught in your hair when you're shampooing? How many hours does it take to get your nails bling'd?
  5. Booty shorts
    How do you prevent wedgies (in the front and in the back)? Or thigh muffin tops?
  6. Oversized t-shirt/short shorts combo
    Are you wearing shorts?
  7. Platform stilettos
    How do you walk??????
  8. The man bun
    Can you give me a messy bun tutorial? What shampoo/conditioner do you use? HOW IS YOUR HAIR SO LUSCIOUS????