1. Morning liturgy, meditation
  2. Morning writing
    Journaling and letting the creative juices flow. All and every thought.
  3. Morning workout
    Stretching, hiit, yoga, cool down
  4. Morning reading: 10 minutes news, 35 minutes other reading
  5. Check email
    Personal, business, youtube, school
  6. Youtube?
    Film, ideas, editing, commenting, socials
  7. Homework
    Online work, home work
  8. Classes
    What needs to be done?
  9. Youtube
    Film? Plan? Edit?
  10. Food
    Eat lunch, eat well to feel better.
  11. Chat!
    Kick it all around with like minds
  12. Bouncing ideas
    Off others, off reddit, of friends, off myself. Rethink and Blue Sky
  13. Running?
    Do it because running is running is running is running.
  14. Sleeping consistently
    Not about the times as much as consistency.
  15. 1 hour of Russian
    Golosa, mango, others. Listen, read, write, speak.