1. The email to my ex best friend - to tell her I miss her, I forgive her and I love her, but that nothing will ever be the same. Also, to acknowledge that there is blame on both sides.
  2. The email to my frenemy - you know everything you did and everything you've lied about. I don't need to send you an email because you'll get yours.
  3. The email to my ex boss - to tell him he's a terrible manager who pits people against each other, and is actually really bad at all aspects of his job.
  4. The email to my third boyfriend - to tell him I'm sorry for breaking his heart and using him to validate myself.
  5. The email to my last non-boyfriend - to express how annoyed I am that he's getting married first and that he was actually really terrible in bed (REALLY BAD).
  6. The email to my first love - to tell him that closure is a nice abstract idea, and in my romantic heart it will never truly be over, but that I am doing the adult thing and making the concrete decision to move on.
  7. The email to my 13 year old self - to warn myself not to fall in love with my first love. And to stop eating carbs because our metabolism actually sucks when we're not cross country running everyday.