7 photos on my phone, chosen at random.

I've been postponing my posting in hopes of the perfectly clever, the perfectly witty and the perfectly perfect first list ... But it's been 4 months since I downloaded this app and that perfect moment of inspiration hasn't struck yet sooo here I am. At random.
  1. Coloring is apparently a hot new method of meditation.
    I dig it. Please ignore my fat fingers & the fact I only own one hot pink colored pencil.
  2. Who the hell do you think I am ?
    Harry Potter ?
  3. 🌏
    I'm either going to take over the world or save it.
  4. This picture is most reminiscent of my Instagram feed.
    I believe in rainbows, fighting for what you love, faith/trust/pixie dust, never giving up & wanting more out of life.
  5. I'm in love with my new property.
    Taken in the pastry department. I love how there's a department for every single facet of the hotel & every person is a master in their department living their dream.
  6. I'm 26 years old &
    I still keep a diary. Although, I did upgrade from those marble Composition notebooks to Moleskines.
  7. Pomegranates.
    The deeper the red, the sweeter the juice. 💋