My 4 y/o twin boys are miraculous... and gross...
  1. You're 4. Why do I have to wipe your butts still? (Blank stares)
  2. No, you can't "just use your underpants". Toilet paper is required.
  3. No, dog poop is not a suitable pet.
  4. Yes, pixie dust can, in fact, make you fly to Neverland.
  5. No, fertilizer is not pixie dust... which explains why your brother is not flying.
  6. Yes, you guys can take a bath.
  7. No, you can't poop in the bath.
  8. Yes, I know the bath tub is in the bathroom but that does not mean you can poop in the bath.
  9. No, that doesn't mean you can take a bath in the toilet.
  10. Yes, you can have bubbles in your bath.
  11. (Fart sound)
  12. Touché