But I just don't.
  1. Sweet potatoes.
    I mean, they're ok, but they're no yummy fluffy white potatoes. Also I hate when people add more sugar to them.
  2. Yogurt
    I've tried all flavors, brands, textures & variations (Greek, Skyr etc) I can only handle the fluffy ones, and even then about half a container does it for me.
  3. Tea
    It's thin and sad and tastes like weeds
  4. Protein bars
    Most have the worst texture in the world and taste like chemicals and fake sugar.
  5. Lara bars
    They all taste exactly the same. Like dates.
  6. Green smoothies
    I would rather eat a whole box of fresh spinach than drink it. Yuck.
  7. Brussels sprouts
    Whyyyy?! They are so pretty and I roasted them in balsamic vinegar and they taste like skunks and I'm so sad. Why don't I love you?