Sh*t That Gets Vegans Excited

I've been vegan for 7+ years. This list is real.
  1. Exotic Motherf***ing Desserts
    Sample exclamations: They have vegan tiramisu?! "Hostess" cupckakes??? HOW did they do cookies n' cream ice cream like that?!
  2. S*hit Omnivores Like, Too
    This is the gold-standard: You serve an artfully crafted, kickass veggie meal AND OMNIS WANT SECONDS. Or, they take a bite of your dish at a restaurant and say it's better than theirs. Go to bed. Your day can't get any better.
  3. When Your Omni Friends Tell You Vegan News
    I have yet to get tired of being the token vegan. Thanks for looking after me, buddies! 💗
  4. Snacks. G*ddamn Snacks.
    I'm not talking trail mix. BORING. Have you seen those almond seaweed crispy things? Or did you catch that avocado oil popcorn? We'll try anything for a change up in the routine.
  5. When Your S.O. Orders Mock Duck Pad Thai.
    ...just because he/she likes it.
  6. Sweet A$$ Cookbooks.
    You know you're gonna pre-order Food52's new tome and add it to your sagging to anything Isa ever wrote, that Italian book by Chloe, Thug Kitchen for relevant giggles, Moosewood's old-school get the idea.
  7. News That Eating Veggie Will Help You Live Forever
    "And then, Pinky, we're going to take over the world!" (But seriously, eat veggie one day a week. I'm not being preachy. You'll live longer - says Science.
  8. Moar Things!
    Pitch in below, and I'll add to this list when more ideas hit my brain. For now, back to work!