I've been vegan for 7+ years. This list is real.
  1. Exotic Motherf***ing Desserts
    Sample exclamations: They have vegan tiramisu?! "Hostess" cupckakes??? HOW did they do cookies n' cream ice cream like that?!
  2. S*hit Omnivores Like, Too
    This is the gold-standard: You serve an artfully crafted, kickass veggie meal AND OMNIS WANT SECONDS. Or, they take a bite of your dish at a restaurant and say it's better than theirs. Go to bed. Your day can't get any better.
  3. When Your Omni Friends Tell You Vegan News
    I have yet to get tired of being the token vegan. Thanks for looking after me, buddies! 💗
  4. Snacks. G*ddamn Snacks.
    I'm not talking trail mix. BORING. Have you seen those almond seaweed crispy things? Or did you catch that avocado oil popcorn? We'll try anything for a change up in the routine.
  5. When Your S.O. Orders Mock Duck Pad Thai.
    ...just because he/she likes it.
  6. Sweet A$$ Cookbooks.
    You know you're gonna pre-order Food52's new tome and add it to your sagging shelf...next to anything Isa ever wrote, that Italian book by Chloe, Thug Kitchen for relevant giggles, Moosewood's old-school classics...you get the idea.
  7. News That Eating Veggie Will Help You Live Forever
    "And then, Pinky, we're going to take over the world!" (But seriously, eat veggie one day a week. I'm not being preachy. You'll live longer - says Science.
  8. Moar Things!
    Pitch in below, and I'll add to this list when more ideas hit my brain. For now, back to work!