There are things that are public knowledge & then are things that are not public knowledge... Duh!
  1. I have a bad habit of stating the blatantly obvious
  2. I have a die-hard crush on Marlon Brando
  3. I have, like, 40 pairs of shoes (yes I'm a girl)
  4. I can code C++ because a lady said I wouldn't be able to handle minoring in Computer Science and I wanted to prove her wrong
  5. I'm stubborn and competitive to a fault (see point above)
  6. My closet is color coordinated
  7. I'm obsessed with everything BuzzFeed (if anyone from BuzzFeed reads this, I would love a job)
  8. I daydream about being "discovered" when I'm feeling extra hopeless
  9. One time I gave a homeless man a ride down the street that my hometown called "Crazy Danny"--my parents were very upset
  10. Sometimes I know I should expand more on certain things, but get too bored to continue
  11. Yeah I'm done