Allow Me to Listroduce™ Myself

Making lists is one of my favourite pastimes, often used to feel productive when actually procrastinating.
  1. I love animals
    I often love animals more than I love humans. Cats and animals in the cat family are my favourite.
  2. I'm a nerd
    I don't like labelling but "nerd" is a label I wholeheartedly embrace. Everyone has their own definition of "nerd" and that will be a list for another day.
  3. I love books
    Reading is my favourite way to escape and go on adventures. Books are very important to me because I didn't really have friends as a young child and found friends in books.
  4. I love tea
    I'm a tea enthusiast and it's possible that comes from being Chinese.
  5. I love Melbourne, Australia
    My hometown. I could be biased but it's a beautiful city with beautiful people.
  6. I'm married
    I love my husband, he's my best friend, and other such cliché things people say about their husbands. The best way to summarise him is that he's more or less Chandler Bing.
  7. I love writing
    I'm an aspiring sci-fi/fantasy novelist. I have written a prologue and the beginning of my first chapter... And have not touched it since. Despite this, it is still one of my goals and I'm determined to achieve it. I would also love to write children's books for my children when I have children.
  8. I love food
    I will eat everything at least once because, obviously, food, unless it contains ginger. I hate ginger. Ginger is the worst.
  9. I love my friends
    I don't have many but the ones I have, I love with all of my heart and I should probably tell them that more often.
  10. I'm an introvert
    I used to not understand that I was an introvert and had some exceptionally extroverted friends. It was a huge struggle to be around them and it was very upsetting because they couldn't comprehend the person I am and tried to change me so I would be "normal". Now, I know who I am and I refuse to let anyone make me feel bad about it. I love who I am and everyone else should love who they are too!
  11. I am a feminist.
    A real one. I want, and truly believe, in equality. I don't hate men nor do I use feminism as an excuse to manipulate men "because they deserve it" or to dress inappropriately to gain the attention of men. I am all for people being able to dress however they want, but more often than not, I find it is for the wrong reasons and it makes me sad when people have no self-respect. I hate many people and I hate them equally, regardless of race and/or sex.
  12. I am weird and awkward
    ...and I love it!