These are more goals than they are things that I want to do but never will. I am pretty determined that some of these will happen.
  1. Sci-fi/fantasy novelist
    This has been my goal since I was 7-years-old. I've made several attempts at it but life got in the way, despite that, I am still pursuing this.
  2. Children's author
    I've always wanted to write children's books for my own children (when I have some of my own). If I had the skills, I'd also love to illustrate children's books, but I have a friend who's really good at art and art-related things and I think she would collaborate on this project with me.
  3. Foster home for animals
    The problem with this is, I think I would just end up adopting all of the animals.
  4. Children's foster home
    Sometimes, I feel guilty for considering having children of my own when there are so many children already out there that need homes.
  5. Open my own sweet treats bakery
    I love baking sweet treats and sometimes I think people should pay me for it.
  6. Start up my own market research company
    I'd love to start up my own market research company and do research on things that would help fix the world.
  7. Study behavioural psychology
    I've always been interested in this subject and some day, I'd love to learn more and perhaps pursue a research career in this field.