I'm an indecisive person when it comes to picking out food. I love food and I feel like it's really important not to make the wrong choices otherwise it's a waste of money and calorie intake. I usually make really bad decisions at breakfast though.
  1. What's for breakfast?
  2. McDonald's. You know you want it.
  3. You had that yesterday AND the day before
  4. I suppose
  5. Don't forget to go to the chemist on your way to work
  6. I'm so hungry I can't concentrate
  7. Stop being silly. You're not THAT hungry
  8. Besides, you have an hour train and a half ride before you get to work anyway
  9. You should read your book, that'll be a good distraction
  10. Ah crap. Phone reception has dropped out.
  11. How will I Google what to have for breakfast now?
  12. Let's face it, you're going to end up having a McDonald's breakfast
  13. No, it's so bad for you
  14. Have fruit salad or something
  15. Blergh
  16. Sorry, have some toast?
  17. Toast is good. Some soy and linseed toast
  18. Maybe some bacon and eggs to go with it
  19. What about a sausage too?
  20. Mmm... Sausage McMuffin
  21. And a hashbrown
  22. Yep. McDonald's breakfast, it is.
  23. I'll just exercise later...
  24. Stop lying to yourself and eat your McDonald's
  25. And don't forget to go to the chemist!