1. Small talk
    This actually happened at a work Christmas department party : Person A: Hey, how's it going? What are you drinking? Me: Unicorn's blood. Person A: ... Me: *walks away*
  2. People (often drunk) who like to sit next to me on trains when the rest of the carriage is empty and ask me "what kind of Asian are you?"
  3. People who talk incessantly and/or play music from their mobile phone speakers on QUIET carriages on trains
  4. People who have no self-awareness and complain about the very thing that almost everyone wants them to stop doing
  5. People who lack self-respect and boast about it
    What happened to you in your life that made you this way?
  6. Being sick
    I've been sick way more times that I can count this year and I'm sick of being sick!
  7. People who don't understand that I'm an introvert and are always trying to change me into a "normal" person who does "normal" things
    I don't want to be "normal" nor do I want to do "normal" things. I love who I am and I know what I like doing. So, you should go away if you don't like me because I don't like you very much.