Now approaching mid 40s I'm finally starting to accept and enjoy middle age. It isn't as bad as you think.
  1. 30's worried about monogamy / 40's choosing to love deeply and with vulnerability
    Now I know the magnificence of married sex!
  2. 30's worried what you thought of me / 40's considering what I think of you
  3. 30's daydreamed about the future / 40's grateful for right now
  4. 30's fomo / 40's know the best place in the whole wide world is home with my family
  5. 30's striving for "pretty"/ 40's happy with "authentic"
    You may find me with curly hair and no makeup.
  6. 30's worried about 10 extra pounds / 40's happy with 15 extpounds
  7. 30's ashamed of personality flaws / 40's laughing with you about them
    I rarely write thank you notes or answer my phone. Take it or leave it.
  8. 30's worried about the news / 40's know it's never as bad (or as good)
  9. 30's worried that my life was about to be half over / 40's realizing I have a whole other lifetime!
    What do I want to be when I grow up?