My husband and I are in our forties, with 10 yo child, liberal, city dwellers ... iow... You in 10-15 years. We are on vacation in Colorado when the news breaks.
  1. Husband reports news read on Twitter feed.
  2. We both yell yay"!
  3. Turn on MSNBC radio to listen.
  4. Post on Personal and Biz Facebooks: "Mazel Tov to the USA".
  5. Read Roberts and Scalia dissents and wonder wtf they are thinking about their legacies.
  6. At lunch, hear about local LGBT Festival and smile and laugh about the throw down it's gonna be. Nod to each other that we should totally go!
  7. Turn on TV to watch Rachel Maddow coverage before dinner.
  8. After dinner walk by LGBT celebration and be so happy.
  9. Don't go in bc we feel like Grammy and Paw Paw after we see the youthful crowd.
  10. Go to bed feeling hopeful.