Some have gotten me accused of being anti Semitic. I own a Judaica store.
  1. Jewy - anything that is Jewish-like
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  2. Jewifiy -to make something Jewish-like
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  3. Shabbat Shalomie Homie - fave as I walk out the door on Friday afternoon.
  4. Good Shabbos Blowjobos - after all, it is a mitzvah to do it on Shabbat
  5. In Atlanta, Jesus Saves But Moses Shops
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    ModernTribe is across the street from an Atlanta landmark: Big Bethel church's neon blue "Jesus Saves" spire. I get a lot of flack for this slogan but ... But when people are on i75 and they see the neon blue Jesus Saves, they'll think about our little Jewish shop.
  6. Jewcurious - a nonJew who does Jewish things.
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  7. Shalom Y'all - the standard greeting
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  8. Medicinal Karpas
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  9. Judeophile - non Jew who is a ModernTribe groupie or Just LOVES Jews
  10. Jewvangelist
  11. My charoset brings all the boys to the yard.
    That's right. It's better than yours.