Please welcome my long-time and very good friend Dr. Jim Davies @listjimmyd whom I so admire! My few irl friends, please say hello @mallofamanda @GeorgiaLawyer @estherk @joeytrotz
  1. Jim is a cognitive scientist and professor at Carlton U in Canada
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  2. He is an expert on creativity
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  3. He is hilarious when he does stand up or improve comedy
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  4. Originally from upstate NY, we went to grad school together at Georgia Tech
  5. And started a theater company called VisionQuest with our friend Montica. He acted in several plays.
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  6. He is also an artist,
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  7. And a writer. He wrote this book called Riveted.
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  8. His family is equally awesome with a lawyer wife and pug named Monty
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  9. Jim is also a great dancer who created his own club persona called Shiny Jacket Guy
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  10. Shiny Jacket Guy became a local celebrity.
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  11. If Jim has time, he could create some great lists. Welcome to @list , Jimmy!