Inspired by the show Brian Games, a Ph.D. in psychology, and fun w listapp.
  1. Fundamental attribution error
    The tendency to attribute other people's list frequency to their personality (e.g., laziness) and dismiss situational factors such as the fact that they just got a new puppy.
  2. Self Serving Bias
    The tendency to credit your oogles of list stars to brilliant writing and underestimate the influence of the re-list by @dev
  3. Dunning-Kruger Effect
    Even though one is an expert in the field, the tendency to feel unqualified to make a list about it. Meanwhile, Jones covers the topic, poorly.
  4. Irrational Escalation
    The tendency to continue to "polish the turd" and keep adding and editing a list that was so darn carefully crafted but fell flat on listapp. Also known as Sunk Costs Fallacy.
  5. Spotlight Effect
    The tendency to think that other listappers will actually notice how frequently you star, realist or comment on listapp.
  6. Ingroup Bias
    The tendency to feature lists made by those known IRL and are already part of the admins' social group.
  7. Group Attribution Error
    The tendency to feel like listapp is an unfriendly place because one popular user never takes your recommendations or responds to your comments.
  8. Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon
    The tendency to notice that a newly learned word or list topic is suddenly appearing with improbable frequency on listapp and IRL. Aka Frequency Illusion.
  9. Extinction
    Not a bias but a psych phenom at play for a percentage of listapp-ers. The listapp behavior will stop if the behavior is not "reinforced" through social interaction on listapp.