I travel to New York City for biz a lot. I still have questions. Please answer. Running list... Will add more as I go.
  1. How the hell is it hotter here than in Atlanta?
  2. Why can't we share taxi rides? I'm in a mini van, alone.
  3. Why does it cost more to take über than a NYC taxi from LGA to midtown?
  4. The recurring q: will I be able to do NYC walking in these shoes?
  5. Why do I always get car sick in NY taxis? I suspect it's bc of that cursed video loop!
  6. Will I find good food in way west midtown now that the hood is gentrifying? I mean, like, 10th ave...
  7. Why are there 3 Yum Yum Thai restaurants in a row? Can this actually be good biz? Only on NYC
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  8. How can this be a thing? Looping vid of people yawning?
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  9. And this?
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