I attended College of Charleston in the early 90s for undergrad after growing up in Atlanta and before returning to Atlanta for grad school at Ga Tech. I've never witnessed racism as I had there, only a few hundred miles away from my hometown southern city. Keep in mind this was 20 years ago.
  1. A major street separated "white" chas and "black" chas, rich chas and poor chas. There was very little crossing of this street except by college students looking for cheap housing.
  2. There were two grocery stores, one called Piggly Wiggly that was on the black side of town. It had a nickname. Change the P to an N... I'm so sorry to tell you about this.
  3. In the bathroom of my boyfriend's frat brother was a portrait of MLK, Jr. with some horrible hateful caption which I thankfully can't remember. I do remember being genuinely scared of this kid from that point forward.
  4. I once, unfortunately, went on a fraternity retreat w this same boyfriend where said frat staged a mock secession from the nation. Everyone also got out of their mind high on mushrooms. I was so naive.
  5. Key Clubs - private drinking clubs, usually white men only, made possible by South Carolina liquor laws. These may still exist. Journalists should investigate.