Sammy is 6 mos. and orally fixated, as puppies are.
  1. My lipgloss
    Stunner Red is tots not your color, Sammy.
  2. Packing Peanuts - his fav!
    Good thing ModernTribe uses the organic compostable corn kind.
  3. The house.
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    Bad dog!
  4. A Penis Bone
    "Bully Sticks" are bull penises. Yuck! But good dog!
  5. My used tissue.
    I have a cold. My snot must be delicious.
  6. His own penie.
    A dogs gotta do...
  7. Poop
    His own. Bad dog!
  8. A velvety tongue.
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    My favorite part of puppy.
  9. A Hamsa bracelet he's stolen off the store displays.
    Caught on security camera. A new category of "shrinkage".