Traveling, I've become aware of how my husband appears to be the prototypical white american male which allows me to "pass" in redneck, rural, and working-class man-crowds in a way I couldn't with out him by my side. @mallofamanda plz chime in.
  1. He looks like "the man".
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    Husband is so white, he's a red head. He's also very tall which is def a sign of dominance in the patriarchy. He can't help his genes, y'all!
  2. He wears khaki pants and polo collared shirts and sometimes even a baseball hat.
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    He's not quite Steve Jobs but when it comes to covering his body it is 99% about function and what's available in the JC Penney big & tall department. He bikes to work nearly every day and swears by white polo shirts in the summer to beat the heat and be work appropriate.
  3. He is the grandson of a Southern Baptist preacher.
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    He's a Jew, an atheist Jew. He even wrote our family Haggadah. Here he is blowing a shofar.
  4. He is the primary bread winner.
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    Even so, husband is more than 50/50 homemaker. He does almost all the cooking and is an equal parent... maybe the better parent. Love this guy.