My wedding is in 10 days and a random list about my current thoughts
  1. I am marrying this man in ten days
    As in other lists I've mentioned we were friends for years and have been dating for 5 years officially so this has been a long time coming but it's actually happening on August 6
  2. Weddings are ideal for list makers! I've made so many lists. How do people get married who aren't organized??
  3. I was very anxious and nervous during the planning but as my to do lists get shorter I'm getting more excited
  4. Sometimes I thought getting eloped would have been easier BUT now I'm really looking forward to celebrating with all our friends and family
  5. This is a big wedding we have 170 guests coming and we are close to most of them
  6. I am wearing a light grey Vera Wang dress and Anthony is wearing a dark blue suit made just for him (pictures to be posted after the wedding)
    Dress shopping was very hard for me and my mom was an amazing support. I didn't find this to be the fun experience portrayed on tv but this dress did make me smile when I came out in it
  7. It's amazing to me the excitement of strangers when you mention you're getting married
    Everyone is happy for you, which just makes me happier
  8. Next week will be so fun with my girlfriends as we get our nails, hair and makeup done
    Such a treat to get all done up
  9. We wrote some of our own vows and I doubt I'll be able to say it without crying but I hope I can say my thoughts clearly
  10. I hope my face isn't all splotchy from the crying
  11. I'm happy to have listed a few times during this process to be able to look back on my feelings at those times. Read my other lists Pros and Cons of wedding planning, how we met and about my wedding party
  12. Wish me luck on a smooth wedding day!!!