Inspired by @marceline and others. Figured since I wrote about 15 things I'm good at why not try the opposite
  1. Patience
  2. Dusting
    Just don't want to do it
  3. Getting out of bed in the am
    It's now darker and colder in the am and I would love nothing more than to stay in bed all's going to be a long fall/winter lol
  4. Resisting chips
    Salt and Vinegar is my favourite
  5. Resisting ice cream
    I loooooove ice cream
  6. Running
    Can't get past 5 minutes
  7. Parking
    I get anxiety going somewhere unknown if I don't know the parking situation
  8. Staying out of it
    I'm involved in too many things
  9. Saying no
    Classic people pleaser
  10. Dancing
    I like it but am just not very coordinated
  11. Letting things go
    I just can't not say something or keep at it
  12. Over analyzing/thinking
    I'm too anxious/stressed out and a lot overwhelms me
  13. Singing
    I'm seriously tone deaf
  14. Remembering what constitutes a down in football
    I've been told/explained many times. Can't keep it in my head. Probably why I don't really follow football too well
  15. Geography
    I know the basics but it's just not something that has held my interest despite my love of travelling