@amieshmamie loved to read your path!! I teach grade 5 in a French immersion school in Winnipeg, Canada. I've been there since late 2007
  1. 1. I could say I always wanted to be a teacher because I grew up making my brothers and friends play school with me but then as I got older had different dreams such as Architect, Lawyer, psychologist or something in business. After 1 year of entry level university courses- realized teaching was my true calling
  2. 2. A teaching degree here is actually a first degree in arts or sciences and then a 2 year post-bac. I did my first year arts degree with a double major in psychology and English. Then took (mostly) a year off to work but also took French courses as I realized it would help me get a job here. THEN finally my 2 year education degree.
    6 years of university total
  3. 3. I would guess all in with books and tuition about 30 thousand. Most people here still live at home while going to university so I didn't have to pay for extra rooming costs etc. I loved about 30 minutes from University of Manitoba and it was normal to car pool or bus it
    I am EXTREMELY fortunate that my parents paid for most of my tuition. They realized that when we were young how important higher education would be and how costly and saved up. We grew up poor but they were smart with their money. There only rule that we attended close to home and got grades
  4. 4. I would have to 100% say I still feel so lucky that I love my job. Some days or years are harder but the students make me so happy! I feel so fortunate to be able to impact so many lives each year!! I also work with some amazing people and have created life long friendships over the years.
    Can't complain about weekends off and summers either!!
  5. 5. I agree with @amieshmamie that parents can be the hardest. With reason we are responsible for their children and that can be scary but some need some perspective. Also I don't like when kids come from a bad home environment - I just want to take those kids home with me. It's hard to take. Luckily, I rarely come across those kids.
  6. 6. Hmmm that's a hard one. I often preach to kids to spend less time with their devices and more time outside, however, I'm guilty of watching hours of tv once home and catching up on my social media (Instagram and list).
  7. 7. Not sure. Next fall I'll have been doing this for 10 years and I'm just about to be 35 (Tuesday!! Yay February birthdays!) anyways this is a very exhausting job that I can't imagine doing for 20-30 more years BUT for right now I still love it. May teach middle school eventually or even take more courses to be counsellor or school psychologist
  8. 8. So many things interest me... I would love to work in a library or book store. I am very organized and would like to be able to have that type of business. If I didn't have to work it would be nice to be at home and help my siblings out with the nieces and nephews/daycare.
    I love the variety that teaching provides so most other things would prob not hold my attention long enough.
  9. 9. I am very happy with my choices!!