My mom is amazing and today we are having a retirement party for her. Here is a list all about her
  1. My mom was born in November 1959
  2. She is the youngest of 4 siblings. The rest all brothers.
  3. She is a twin
  4. She has had the same girlfriends since elementary- her best friend since kindergarten!
  5. She met my dad when she was 15 and they've been together ever since. Classic high school sweetheart story
    Their first date was Jaws and my dad forgot his wallet. Love it!
  6. My parents were married in 1980
  7. I was born in 1982 and my brothers in 83 and 85
  8. My mom graduated high school and then from a college with some administrative and accounting skills but once we were born she basically decided to stay home and raise us.
    She, at times, had an in home day care or worked a few part time temp jobs but was always there for us
  9. When we were all in school she started working in a nursery school and then was an Educational Assistant for a few years.
  10. At 30 she decided that she didn't want to help teachers she wanted to be a teacher
  11. My dad was SO supportive and my mom started to attend university to become a teacher
  12. As all teachers(myself included) know this is not easy and made even harder when you continue to raise children and run a household
  13. She graduated and worked for 17 years as a teacher in Early Years (most of her years were spent in grades 2-5) but also worked as a teacher librarian and student support
  14. Meanwhile she also took graduate classes to up her degree
  15. In her early 50s her administration said they thought she should be an administrator. She was doing a lot of the work without the title or pay. She went for it!!
  16. For the past 5 years she has been a vice-principal
  17. June 30 was her last day of work after a successful 22 year career started later in her life!!
  18. She is extremely kind, caring, selfless, organized, thoughtful and wants nothing but the best for all people she meets
  19. Today we (my dad and my siblings and I) are hosting a retirement pool party for her at my place. There are 60 people coming and that is only close friends and family
  20. She really likes shower food (little sandwiches and salads) so my brother and I prepped a bunch of stuff yesterday and are hoping we can socialize more today
  21. My husband got into his head that we needed to spruce up our whole yard and landscape and change most of our exterior. It looks amazing but what an exhausting week we've had
    (Future list to come about this)
  22. My dad is paying for my mom, me and 2 sister-in-laws to spend a weekend at a hotel nearby that is offering a package that includes meals, spa and yoga as a gift. My mom will love it!!
  23. One of my mom's favorite sayings after a fun day is 'it's a good day' so we have a banner made to say just that and a cup for her to re-fill all day with the same
  24. Static
    Here she is at one of the retirement dinners we attended put on by her school division
  25. Cheers to a good day 💛
  26. Static
  27. Static
  28. Family photo (missing Emma since she was napping)
  29. There is Emma
  30. After everyone left