What I did every day in December. Inspired by @kate81 honestly December feels like cheating to appreciate one thing from every day since it's so magical already. Thanks for reading my month!
  1. Today I started my 24 days of tea advent calendar. I don't drink tea daily and usually drink more coffee, however, every year a popular tea shop in Canada, David's Tea, sells these beautiful sets and I finally bought one!
    It's like a big book and has little drawers inside and each drawer has a different loose tea to sample!
  2. Staff party... dinner/drinks and then bingo bowling 🎳 we had so much fun!!!
  3. Today I coached my class at a handball tournament!! They did great and I always enjoy this yearly tournament
  4. Today has been a busy day. I went to a clothing swap with friends (We all brought clothes we didn't fit/wear anymore and everyone left with 'new' clothes). Then we finished most of our Christmas shopping. We are just getting pizza to watch the hockey game with and decorating the tree 🌲 picture to come!!!
  5. Today I met a friend for coffee that I hadn't seen in years... we have been trying to make a plan since the summer and finally were able to meet up and catch up. Love spending an evening with an old friend when you haven't missed a beat.
  6. So today was a shit day. We got hit hard with a blizzard and I left my house suuuuuppppeeeerr early and it was the hardest drive I've ever been on. Once at work I had a big meeting about a boy in my class who has severe cognitive delay. It was with myself, ressource/counsellor, divisional psychologist and boy's parents. It was intense.
    Now indulging while watching Winnipeg Jets and finally relaxing
  7. Today was part 2 of our blizzard and school buses weren't running which meant our field trip was also cancelled. We don't close schools ever here so still had to be there. I walked by our hallway display and was so amazed and thought that would be what I share.
    We have a monthly theme and all students in our school contribute. This month the theme is love. Arbre de l'amour (French school - tree of love in English) made with snowflakes. All 260 kids wrote what/who they love or why everyone deserves love. ❄️️❄️❄️️❄️❄️️❄️
  8. Thursdays my students get swimming lessons for 45 minutes at a nearby indoor pool. Our schools give lessons to all grade 4s and 5s and skating lessons for grade 1s. It's a great program. I especially love it because I have to go with them but get to sit on the side and just enjoy time to myself. It's lovely.
  9. The week has been long and I'm exhausted but tonight my best friend and I are headed out for sushi at our favourite place to celebrate her birthday that is this weekend! Also reallllly looking forward to being home and in bed after this meal.
  10. After a busy week/past few months I'm planning on spending the day being lazy. This will be my day and I'm so happy!
  11. Today we spent the day at my in-laws and my 8 year old niece recently got a Bop-It and I recorded the high score! Oh and it was nice spending time with family 😜
  12. Today I met some former coworkers for an after work coffee and gossip session! It was fun to catch up but honestly now I'm happy to be able to crawl into bed early.... is it Christmas break yet???!!!
  13. It's been a long day but I just wanted to add my item for today before I go to bed. I have been teaching for 9 years and 7 of those years have been in grade 5 and some years are harder than others. This year I have a small, respectful, kind and caring group and I feel hopeful for the future when I see these little citizens 💛 goodnight list!
  14. Some days I make nice meals and sometimes I drink a cup of tea and count that as dinner, other times I eat junk. I like cooking but when I'm exhausted it's not a priority. Tonight I made myself a delicious quesadilla. Honestly if I can melt cheese on it, it's usually my favourite choice!
  15. Game club!
    Me and some co-workers decided to stay late on Thursdays to play games! So fun
  16. It's Friday!!! After a week of indoor recesses because the weather was too cold, if it's -26 or colder with wind they can't be outside, anyways today it was 'only' -24 so they went outside!! Yay for the teachers!!!
  17. Husband's Christmas party!
  18. Today was my family Christmas and it was awesome!
  19. Today my students sang some Christmas carols at a nearby mall. Once done, many parents took their child home early which left me with only 6 kids left in my classroom for the afternoon. It was really nice and I taught some kids how to play dominoes
  20. Currently watching Home Alone! It's just not Christmas until I watch it! Plus we will be in Chicago in 6 days so it's getting me even more excited!!!!
  21. I read two books to my students every year Breadwinner and Parvana's Journey both by Canadian author, Deborah Ellis. They are so well written and a great way to discuss human rights and have discussions about how lucky my students are to live in Canada. Today I came upon one of the most emotional parts and cried, as always. Happy and sad tears
  22. Today was the last day of school before holidays! We all wore pjs, had a hot chocolate bar and played games...now 17 days off 🙌🏻🎉
  23. First day of holidays and doing it right. One of my best friends and I grabbed coffee and gossiped/caught up over manicures and pedicures. I chose bright colours for my breach vacay. Now laundry and packing!
  24. Today is the day we see ALL the family...my husband and I are very fortunate to still have all 4 grandmas and 1 grandpa in our lives. Memere and Pepere (French my maternal side), memere (French, my paternal side), Oma (German, Anthony's paternal side) and Nonna (Italian, Anthony's maternal side) and we will see them all within 3 stops tonight!!
  25. Merry Christmas Li.st friends!!
  26. Today has been amazing!
    We left for Chicago this am- which was nerve-wrecking because of a major storm that hit Winnipeg last night and over 40 flights were cancelled. We arrived and have already had Epic Burger and bought FireCakes donuts for later!! So excited to start our honeymoon!!
  27. Spent the day in the Windy City. Ate Chicago Deep Dish, shopped at Target and went to the United Centre to see the Winnipeg Jets bet the Hawks!!!
    @NumbahTwo did you watch?
  28. Today we left Chicago for Mexico! Our honeymoon destination and this is our room...can't wait until tomorrow to lounge in the sun and read!!
  29. Today has been filled with sun and reading! Life is good. It can't get better than a book and some sunshine!!
  30. This resort is so amazing!! They found out we were celebrating our honeymoon and came to our room after dinner with our bed like this, champagne chilling on ice and a bath drawn!
  31. Happy New Year everyone!!