I love movies and it was fun to look back on some of my favourites. As someone who wants to 'play with the rules' I had to keep to the one per each year- which some years was extremely difficult.
  1. 1982 E.T.
    Even though I was still very young when I saw it the first time and thought some parts to be scary I loved the concept and it still holds years later.
  2. 1983 Vacation
    Although my least favourite of all the National Lapoon's Vacation movies - you can't beat Chevy Chase as the adorable loser
  3. 1984 The Never Ending Story
    It seemed so magical. Not one for science fiction this one just seemed to effect me at the right time
  4. 1985 the Breakfast Club
    Seeing this as a young teenager made me realize so much about being a teen and questions about high school
  5. 1986 Labyrinth
    The puppets, Bowie, music, the mystery, creepiness of it all. Loved so much about this movie and couldn't believe all the places on your imagination it could take you.
  6. 1987 Dirty Dancing
    This year had many choices of movies I still love: Overboard, Adventures in Babysitting, 3 Men and a Baby - all great movies I've watched many times BUT Dirty Dancing is a movie I can't resist when on TV Sooo much to love!
  7. 1988 Big
    Tom Hanks is loveable as the big kid but really when I first saw this I loved the idea of being on my own and having money to buy any toy I wanted.
  8. 1989 The Little Mermaid
    My first big Disney movie and loved all the music and Ariel is still one of my favourite princesses. Honey I Shrunk the Kids also came out this year and I can always watch this, as a kid though I loved the idea of being lost in your own back yard and wanted to be the main girl. This is also the year Christmas Vacation came out which I really wanted to choose because it isn't Christmas until I watch this one but had to go with my first Disney love!
  9. 1990 Home Alone
    This movie is still hilarious. The final scene I can watch every Christmas about 100 times and still laugh out loud. This Christmas my siblings and I went to a live performance which was the movie on the big screen while the symphony played all the music. Very hard to ignore two other favourites from this year : Pretty Woman and Edward Scissorhands
  10. 1991 Silence of the Lambs
    So this year had too many of my favourites and I had to go with Silence of the Lambs because it is still to this day in my top movie list. I was probably too young when I first saw it but I instantly loved how scared I was as well as how fascinating I was by the intelligence of Hannibal. Strong honourable mentions: My Girl, Beauty and the Beast, Backdraft and Sleeping with the Enemy
  11. 1992 A League of their Own
    An all star cast and female empowerment. Love many inspirational true sports movies and this one is at the top of those. This is also when I started to watch movies as they came out and had such great choices when we went to rent each weekend. So much competition this year such as : Wayne's World, Captain Ron, Encino Man and another all time favourite; The Mighty Ducks
  12. 1993 Jurassic Park
    No question this movie was and still is everything!!! However whenever my family and I are guessing the year for a favourite movie 1993 always comes up- this is the year some of my all time favourites came out!! Close seconds: The Fugitive, Mrs Doubtfire, Philadelphia, What's Eating Gilbert Grape and The Sandlot
  13. 1994 Shawshank Redemption
    Hands down one of my very favourite movies! I can watch this movie at any time and still enjoy glued to the tv. Tim Robins is perfection and Morgan Freeman can narrate anything. This movie is so smart I love every part. There are other great movies this year but no competition.
  14. 1995 Clueless
    Because I watched this movie and listened to this soundtrack more times than I could count. My friends and I would quote it and wish we had Cher's wardrobe. Toy Story needs to mentioned as the first big Pixar movie and also so innovative! Seven because it's concept was chilling and I can still watch it with the same intense interest.
  15. 1996 Jerry Maquire
    Went with nostalgia with this year. I was 14 and on my first date at a movie and we held hands and kissed at the end. We dated for years and I love that this movie brings back positive memories of first love. The movie was really good too but I have seen it enough now if not for nostalgia I would've have picked Twister
  16. 1997 Titanic
    Rose and Jack and an epic love story. My real love for Leo started way before this movie but this love story and the grandeur of the whole movie was epic. My whole family saw the movie at the theatre together.
  17. 1998 Armageddon
    This year yielded none of my favourites at all. I could argue Bug's Life because, like Toy Story, it was so different and new. Armageddon wins more because this is when I fell in love with Ben Affleck and couldn't get enough of Aerosmith's 'don't want to miss a thing'
  18. 1999 Fight Club
    Amazing!! You watch it and instantly need to watch it again!! American Pie was also iconic for me this year. It came out right before I graduated High School and my friends and I had never seen anything that related so well to us and was just inappropriate and risky enough.
  19. 2000 Erin Brockovich
    Amazing female power! I'm a sucker for a true story and love how much she overcomes.
  20. 2001 Ocean's Eleven
    Loved how it all came together. I've seen it a ton and it never gets old. I also watched Save The Last Dance many times that year.
  21. 2002 Catch me if you Can
    Leo and Hanks are perfection + true story + clever
  22. 2003 Italian Job
    I've seen this movie many times and like the story every time. Also for nostalgia reasons as my now fiancé and watched it the first time he was over at my place. We had both seen it and it was before Netflix so it felt like a safe movie to have on and eased the awkwardness of a first time over.
  23. 2004 the Notebook
    'It wasn't over, it still isn't over' Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams were the best couple. It was the new Titanic for the 2000s
  24. 2005 Batman Begins
    I love Christopher Nolan's vision for the Batman series. On the comedy side I've seen Wedding Crashers more than I can count!
  25. 2006 The Devil Wears Prada
    To this day - a decade later- it is still my favourite. I can watch it in any mood and feel happy. Meryl Streep is amazing in everything and rocks this role. I can recite the whole movie and it comforts me.
  26. 2007 Juno
    Not too many loves in 2007 but I appreciated the style in which Juno was done and love Ellen Page and Michael Cera
  27. 2008 Twilight
    I have to based on how obsessed my best friend and I were with this whole series. I've read each book 3x and there was a period where we would see this movie twice a night every Friday. We couldn't get enough and once on a road trip to pass time acted out with all lines the whole movie. This definitely represents a time in my life and bonded my best friend and I
  28. 2009 500 Days of Summer
    I really enjoy how this movie was filmed and it was a love story that seemed real and liked it didn't end 'happy'
  29. 2010 the Social Network
    Seeing how now social media is everything and unavoidable it was interesting to see the roots and the mind behind the whole start of this era
  30. 2011 Moneyball
    Inside the minds of baseball. I found it very interesting.
  31. 2012 Pitch Perfect
    Just a fun movie and I love Anna Kendrick
  32. 2013 Wolf of Wallstreet
    Another true story. Leo does amazing again!
  33. 2014 Chef
    What a surprising feel good movie. So well done and makes me crave a good sandwich every time. Gone Girl also was a top choice because I love the book so much and of course Ben is still a favourite.
  34. 2015 Jurassic World
    Brought back all my love of the original Jurassic Park and was in awe the whole movie and felt like a kid again. I also loved Straight Outta Compton and still think about it. I mean Ice Cube's son playing Ice Cube plus the history of rap and the basis of everything I still love in music. I also haven't seen Room yet but loved the book years ago and can't wait to see it but am also afraid as I often am when I love the book and it's made into a movie...
  35. 2016
    The year is young and I haven't seen much yet but am curious how the BFG will turn out as well as The Jungle Book as the kid in me is wondering how the updated versions will compare to my childhood loves.