I love Christmas and decorating and traditions!!
  1. Here is a picture of my tree
    I'm obsessed with it! We bought our dream home in 2014 and painted the way we liked in 2015 and last winter realized just how amazing that white trimmed window is when the tree is there! This year I was, once again, taken aback by its beauty! Can I keep it up all year??
  2. In our living room we have a (gas) fireplace and having a mantle never matters... until Christmas... again obsessed!
    @NumbahTwo this pic was taken Sunday right before the Jets scored on the PP
  3. I was the first grandchild on both sides and my maternal grandma started a tradition to buy her grandkids an ornament each year so I recd a new ornament every year and it was so special. Ornaments are still so special to me and I now buy for my husband and we buy on trips and our parents.
    I have many but here are a few of my favourites and why
  4. Static
    In this pic I have my first and last ornaments for my grandma. The white dove says 1982 - which was my first Christmas and the frame says 2012 which is when my grandma ended them (30 years!) and she picked her fav pic of each grandchild to put in.
  5. Some years we would all get the same ornament and other (most) years we would get an ornament tailored to our interests. I was always interested in art/drawing and have many like that.
  6. Static
    This cute little guy is from 1988 and all grandkids got this one. He is too 5 for sure and is always one of the first I put on the tree!
  7. Static
    This pickle is from my parents. One summer me and my brothers were obsessed with big pickles. We had just been to Disney and discovered them and ate many. My mom found out it was German tradition to have a pickle on the tree and whoever found it got the first gift. She bought us all (my brothers and I) one and I smile when I see it.
  8. Static
    This is the first ornament Anthony and I bought for our first tree together. I love owls and loved that there was a big one and a little one since he is tall and I'm almost a foot shorter!
  9. Static
    This is a sombrero we bought in Mexico the day after we hit engaged!
  10. Static
    This one I just bought! It's my first Li Ben which I didn't know existed until Li.st and @karlalucia when I saw it, I knew it was perfect as we will be spending on honeymoon at the end of the month on a beach!
  11. 19 days and counting until Christmas! 🎄