Usually I spend the beginning of summer break relaxing and tackle a small project a day but not this year. We have been busy around the house and with my husband also off we got a lot done
  1. Organized and tidied up kitchen cupboards
  2. Organized and tidied up linen closet
  3. Organized and tidied up spare bedroom
  4. Organized and tidied up pantry
  5. Took everything out of our storage room and cut down the stuff that went back in by at least 1/5
    I trip to dump, 1 trip to recycling and 1 trip to donate
  6. Landscaping and front flower bed
  7. Added 3 yards of river stone to back and side yard
  8. Took my car in for recall maintenance
  9. Took out Anthony's Nonna for lunch and to visit Nonno at mausoleum
  10. Prepped, cleaned and hosted party for my mom
  11. Binged on Orange is the New Black in the evenings
  12. Started re-watching Parenthood in the am with my breakfast or when I have a spare 40min
  13. 2 lunches with friends
  14. 2 pool days with friends
  15. Pedicure
  16. Changed my last name on our Land Title
    I changed my last name when I got married and was able to change most documents in the fall but this one required going in person downtown which wasn't possible during their hours when I was working
  17. Overall it's been a busy 2 weeks and I'm looking forward to slowing down next week