Our future is in good hands...
  1. I am a grade 5 teacher in a French Immersion school. That means I teach most of my day in French to students who want to learn it as a second (sometimes 3rd language) they are fully immersed in it since kindergarten and it's a very popular choice in most of Canada, especially Manitoba where I'm from.
  2. Two of my students back in November noticed our French visuel dictionary had a section with sports. These girls noticed very few girls in the images- mostly males
  3. They came to me indignant, as they are sporty and want to be represented
  4. I encouraged them to write a letter to the publisher to make them aware. They worked hard on it and found the mailing info online and we mailed it.
  5. Static
  6. They would often ask if we had a response. I explained that it may take a while for the right person to read it and some companies do not respond to letters but we were hopeful
  7. Today this came, a response!!!!
  8. It's so positive and pretty much says that they are justified in their letter and that this is important information for them going forward. They want things to be equal and will be making changes in future editions to reflect more women!!
  9. I honestly couldn't be prouder and feel like this will empower these girls and my class for future injustices they come across!!!
  10. The future is in good hands... I believe it!!