Fall has not officially started, but to me, fall starts with the beginning of a new school year- which is this week 😬
  1. Goodbye lazy mornings
  2. Hello alarm
  3. Goodbye reading all day
  4. Hello reading many emails
  5. Goodbye being on phone when I want
  6. Hello catching up in the evenings
  7. Goodbye lounging in the pool
  8. Hello driving in rush hour
  9. Goodbye iced coffees
  10. Hello PSL - yes I'm one of those!
  11. Goodbye BBQs
  12. Hello stews and chili
  13. Goodbye breakfast and lunch dates
  14. Hello 2 set times to eat, if time
  15. Goodbye flip flops (not until the snow)
  16. Hello boots
  17. Goodbye later nights
  18. Hello early bedtimes (hopefully)
  19. Goodbye sundresses
  20. Hello leggings
  21. Goodbye road trips
  22. Hello hockey season
  23. Goodbye cabin
  24. Hello staying in
  25. Goodbye summer
  26. Hello new students and fresh starts