Thanks for the LR @angela3950
  1. Jennifer1482 is my profile name for everything!!
  2. It has been since my first hotmail in 2000
  3. I had just been on a family vacation and was 18. I met all these Americans who had aol and hotmail and wanted to keep in touch. So I signed up and since obviously Jennifer or Jen wasn't an option I had to add something more
  4. 14 is my favourite number and also used frequently in different forms for passwords etc in addition to words and characters of course!
  5. It's actually my favourite number because of a boyfriend I had at 15 lol his soccer number was 14 as it was his favourite number and we were 'together' for years and so 14 also became my favourite number. I actually like all multiples of 7 for dates : 21 is my birthday and 28 is my now husband
  6. I only realized later on that 1492 is when Columbus sailed the ocean blue lol and I think sometimes ppl think my username numbers are based on that but not at all...
  7. The name Jen14 and Jennifer14 were also both taken in 2000 (obviously... to anyone named Jennifer!!)
  8. So I used my birth year making me jennifer1482
  9. 💁🏻
  10. Im glad at 18 I didn't pick anything more embarrassing or true to that time as I still have my same email: and refuse to change it as it is tied to passwords, logins, social media etc even though I know most ppl don't have hotmail anymore
  11. I do have a work email though for profession correspondence