I've been engaged since December 21, 2014 to a man I've been dating since 2011 and who I have been friends with for a decade!! Now that the day is almost here I wanted to list the pros and cons of wedding planning!!
  1. Pro: all the lists
    I have loved lists since I could write...the exhilaration of crossing things off the list and adding new lists and now with this app reading other people's list are my favourite. Wedding planning is lists on steroids and I love it!!
  2. Con: all the opinions
    I'm a pretty independent person with my own thoughts but all the wedding related opinions are over kill
  3. Pro: we will be an officially married couple
    Since we have been together for years and common-law, we never really needed the official title but as we get closer I am excited to be his wife and start a new chapter in our relationship.
  4. Con: the decisions
    There are so many decisions to be made and I find it hard to settle on just of this or that when I love so many things. It all makes me anxious and over-whelmed.
  5. Pro: the stationary
    Paper products are my drug of choice and getting to choose my own stationary/colours/font etc is a dream come true!! My biggest splurge has been on paper and almost cried when I got that big box of paper products in the mail!
  6. Con: the stress
    Did I mention all the decisions and opinions
  7. Pro: the food
    My shower was all my favourite foods and our wedding is having a late night nacho bar!!
  8. Con: dress shopping
    I love shopping and dressing up and so you would think buying an expensive dress would be fun...ummm No!!! I'm an anxious person and the idea of finding 'the' dress was overwhelming. It is not like on tv when you can't decide because you love so many. I hated almost everything. I eventually bought one that I picked for the uniqueness but still am not totally in love with it and last week went for a fitting and am back to being anxious and stressed by it all.
  9. Pro: planning a big party
    I am really excited that Anthony and I have this chance to get all our closest friends and family over for a big party that we are throwing!!
  10. Con: mother in law
    To be clear I do not have that cliché I hate my in laws view...they are great and have always welcomed me. I get along great with Anthony's mom, even if we are very different. That was UNTIL this wedding started to be planned. Her traditional side opposed our modern side and she seems to think this is her event to plan, which it is not!
  11. Pro: out of town guests
    Living in Winnipeg, Canada is pretty different than bigger cities. 90% of my friends and family are from here and still live here and even live within a 20 min drive from our place! However, one of my best friends moved to BC 5 years ago. She is a bridesmaid and I can't wait!! Also we each have one family that isn't here (my uncle and his family live in Ottawa, and Anthony's aunt and her family live in Edmonton) and they are all coming here...including my one cousin who currently lives in NYC!
  12. Con: money
    Weddings are expensive!
  13. Pro: honeymoon(s)
    Since I am a teacher the times I can travel are expensive because they are the most touristy time but hey we love to travel and that won't stop us! We often do a road trip in the summer- our favourite destination is Chicago because it's a 12 hour drive and it's such an amazing city. We haven't decided where we are going to in August but are playing with the idea of a week in Boston/New York. We are also planning an all-inclusive beach resort or cruise for this coming December to celebrate!!
  14. Con: guest lists
    We have many friends and family members and we couldn't really cut too many - our list quickly reached 200+ people and that's without all the people we really wanted. I still dream or a small 20 person wedding on a beach! The list also gets stressful when people want to add people we don't know and want this wedding to be a reunion of sorts - see mother in law
  15. Pro: love
    I'm excited to share my vows and reasons why I love this man so much!! I'm also excited to be surrounded by loved ones on the big day as well as getting up and thanking everyone for their love and support over the years!! 💕
  16. I'm sure I will add more in the coming months...