My iPhone came for a swim and it's currently in a bag of rice
  1. I often leave my phone in a towel near the pool while swimming. I've done this for 3 years and never had a problem
  2. Yesterday it was so windy the towel and phone came right into the pool
  3. I was devastated... everything is on that phone
  4. Luckily my husband was home and he is way better in any situation you have to be calm
  5. We put it in rice... people swear this works. Some say 24hrs and some say up to a week 😬
  6. Luckily we took the iPad and changed it to my Apple ID and most things were saved to the cloud and transferred.
  7. I can message people w iPhones and I am on some weird version of list on here. It is not easy to find on the App Store.
  8. I'll be sad if my phone doesn't work after a few days since I will lose all my pictures
  9. Keep your fingers crossed for me. It's been almost 24 hrs and still no power...
  10. Also welcome any other tips
  11. Yay!!! New phone. I waited out 2 days in rice but still nothing. So I went to my cell provider and turns out the same phone was free!! Just lost a ton of photos and some contacts but most things transferred