We celebrate Thanksgiving in October up North!
  1. Thanksgiving is always the 2nd Monday in October
  2. It is not the big deal it is in the United States and isn't my favourite holiday but always nice to have an excuse to get together with family and eat a nice meal or two
  3. It's the first 'break' from school. I've been teaching for 5 weeks now, which isn't long but it's nice to have a long weekend to catch up and rest before report card writing starts
  4. Canadians celebrate on any day of this weekend, even though today is the day!
  5. My Dad's side of the family ALWAYS gets together on the Saturday at my parent's house. This year there were 19 adults and 3 little ones there.
  6. We don't see my dad's side that often- only major holidays. Not because they live far we are just not that close with them.
  7. My dad makes amazing stuffing
  8. Im in charge of the pies
    My grandma made them for years and then it was just too much for her and one year my aunt bought pies and they were awful
  9. I said I would try it- that was 8 years ago and I'm the officially pie maker now
  10. I make 5 pies: 2 pumpkin (of course), 2 lemon meringue and 1 chocolate
    There are leftovers but not many. This year they turned out better than ever. I make my crust from scratch but have help (canned or box that I modify) for the fillings.
  11. Sunday was our 'day off' from family gatherings. Anthony did yard work all day while I caught up on some house stuff, school work and prepared for Monday.
  12. Sunday evening we had chicken fingers and fries and watched one of my favourite movies Julie & Julia
  13. We also each ate a pint of our favourite splurge Ben & Jerry's ice cream while watching the Toronto Blue Jays sweep the Texas Rangers!!!
    My ice cream of choice is Late Night Dough (Jimmy Fallon one)
  14. Today we can sleep in on a Monday!! In a few hours we have dinner with Anthony's mom side at his Nonna's. It's a potluck. We are in charge of wine and appetizers.
    I've made a jalapeño popper dip and spinach cups (it's like spanakopita)
  15. It's nice to have a weekend like this! Happy Thanksgiving Canadian friends!!