I am still in shock but feel like I need one more list before this all ends 😭
  1. I joined li.st in October 2015 so I've been on here for almost 2 years. It took a while to connect and make friends but once I did this app made my days happier
  2. I love listing and have lists on other apps and post its and journals... so I won't stop listing but...
  3. I will miss the lists of others, strangers who are now friends.
  4. I will miss connecting with people and hearing about your lives and sharing my life
  5. I will miss the gifs and the humour
  6. I will miss the celebrity stuff and the political stuff
  7. I will miss fellow teachers and learning
  8. I will miss waves and requests
  9. I will miss selfies and currently lists
  10. I will miss travelling via other people's travels
  11. I will miss seeing sports lists and hobby lists
  12. I will miss sad lists and honest lists
  13. I will most of all miss all the people 💛
    People I think about in my daily life and looked forward to seeing their lives in list form
  14. People were leaving and saying list had changed... it did but I still loved connecting. This place was just so different from every other platform
  15. Being in Canada I didn't get to go to any cool list meet ups but I would have loved to meet a lot of you and experience your cities and would have loved people to come to my city
  16. Will this new app be a community like list??? I doubt it, otherwise why not keep list. I hope whatever it is we can all connect again
  17. I've been adding and following a lot of you on Instagram and so it doesn't feel like goodbye but how can we share our words?!?
    I'm jennifer1482 by the way on IG
  18. This made me laugh when 2 Jennifers (and a Michelle Jennifer) all requested me at the same time! Being a fellow Jennifer I understood that this is pretty typical
  19. Writing lists take time and represent my true feelings and ideas and so I hope I can still find these lists at some point. Many of you have written many more and amazingly worded lists so I hope you get to keep yours as well.
  20. I'm sad to say goodbye. 💛😭
  21. Thank you to the following who commented on my lists and with me and those who entertained me with your wit and writing talents!! I'm sure I'll forget some but you all truly made a difference in my life
  22. Thanks for reading 💛