Tomorrow is Bell Let's Talk day in Canada
  1. It is a day to bring awareness about mental health. It is promoted by Bell (a communications company here) where 5cents for every call made, tweet, Facebook share, Instagram post and snap using #bellletstalk
  2. Last year this initiative made more than 6 million and hopes to make even more as it grows every year
  3. There are Canadian spokespeople and literally most of the country tweet and share all day. It's a great movement
  4. It's reported that once depression is recognized that it can help that 80% of people affected.
  5. Last year one of my friends posted the story of his dad's suicide and many mothers posted about their post parfum depression. It was great to get people opening up and feeling comfortable in doing so
  6. Mental Health awareness is so important and we want to remove the stigma about being open
  7. I do a program with my students called Project 11. It was started by the Winnipeg Jets organization (our hockey team) after a player who had played in the AHL and NHL and was about to start with the Jets committed suicide and lost his battle with mental illness. He wore 11 and this was a way to honour him and his family.
    Many students find in so interesting that a man living his dream of a million dollar contract and playing in the NHL could feel this way- it makes it more real- that anyone can feel this way
  8. We talk about healthy habits for our minds, bodies and souls and get kids opening up and knowing there is always someone willing to listen
  9. Kids say they use the tools learned after a fight with a friend or sibling. They talk more opening about their feelings and hold others accountable. One of my students even asked their parents to take them to a counsellor to discuss their issues. She said this program made her aware that she should tell her parents how she was feeling and get help
  10. The goal is that kids will grow up with tools and strategies that just weren't taught when our generation and older generations were growing up
  11. I've done this program for 2 years (it started 3 years ago) and have seen only positive results. Including a decrease in bullying and anxiety and an increase in happy and healthy students.
  12. Some days being a teacher is stressful and hard and feels like you are in quicksand and aren't making a difference but this daily 5 min program is amazing and I always feel like I'm making a difference by weaving it into our day.
  13. If you can watch this video
    TSN Original: Believe in Ryp
  14. Also if you can use this hashtag as often as possible tomorrow
  15. I know we don't know each other personally but I would honestly do anything to help or listen to any of you if you needed it! Please reach out to someone if you feel alone, I can guarantee you're not 💛
  16. Go into your Twitter and check out the trending #BellLetsTalk and retweet as many as you can!!! Let's keep on raising money for the fight to end stigma surrounding mental illness and get people talking, getting the ressources they need and feeling better!! I'm hear to listen if anyone wants to talk!!!!