Mugs I own and their roles in life

Inspired by @karlalucia @marceline @angela3950 older list that made me smile
  1. Basic white mug that is part of our dish set. This is what guests drink out of
  2. Favourite for tea. Has a lid and strainer to steep loose tea. Love that it is slim and tall
  3. From my sister-in-law as a bridesmaid gift
  4. From my mom as a Christmas gift. This mug makes me happy
  5. My best friend and I went to LA every summer for 7 years on the last trip I bought myself a souvenir. I love using this mug, especially during cold, winter months
  6. Not my favourite to drink out of but love looking at it. I should use it for storing things or something instead...
  7. Got this from my husband when we were first married. I'm always listening to rap and hip hop. I try to make him laugh with my car dances lol. Makes me smile
  8. We started collecting the 'You Are Here' mugs from trips. This is Vancouver 2017 This one is an espresso mug that doubles as an ornament
  9. Spring break Arizona 2017
  10. My husband goes to Edmonton every September for a few days for an annual meeting for his job. This one is from 2016
  11. I liked that this one is a water bottle. Chicago 2016
  12. This Kate Spade is my favourite mug because of the books. Not the best travel mug because it can leak in a bag so more of a stationary mug.
  13. This Kate Spade is currently my favourite. Keeps things hot 9hrs and cold 3hrs so I use it for water in the summer!!
  14. I love mugs and seeing everyone else's as well. I would own more if I had the space...