I am a 5th grade teacher and my students are writing their own alphabiographies- a paragraph about them for each letter of the alphabet inspired by the novel: Totally Joe (which is a must read for adolescents btw). Here is my outline for my own!
  1. A is for Anthony, my fiancé
  2. B is for books, my passion
  3. C is for California, my home away from home
  4. D is for dates with friends and catching up
  5. E is for Erin, my best friend
  6. F is for family, supportive and funny
  7. G is for games, playing and watching
  8. H is for home
  9. I is for ice cream
  10. J is for the Winnipeg Jets, love hockey!
  11. K is for kisses goodbye and goodnight
  12. L is for laughter and lists
  13. M is for movies and marathons of tv shows
  14. N is for nieces and nephews whom I adore
  15. O is for the Olympics- I'm slightly obsessed
  16. P is for pool. I live for sunny days in and beside my pool
  17. Q is for quiet. I am extremely social but look forward to quiet, alone time
  18. R is for reading, my favourite pastime
  19. S is for supper with friends and family
  20. T is for teaching, more than a job but a passion
  21. U is for University a place I found myself
  22. V is for visiting places all over the world
  23. W is for wedding, planning my own for August 2016
  24. X is for 'exhausted' X is not easy and I don't play the xylophone nor have I had any x-rays....
  25. Y is for Y2K I remember it being a huge deal when I was in high school
  26. Z is for zest for life