Inspired by @pili_ervin
  1. I've always had a lot of different groups of friends so I'll try and keep it chronological but also in categories
  2. My mom: being a teenager was not kind to our relationship... I was obviously ungrateful and moody but now she is the best and an amazing role model and still one of the best people!! I could (and should) write a whole list on her
    (Picture of us on the morning of my wedding)
  3. Siblings: my 2 younger brothers: Jason and Ryan
    Obviously we were forced to spend our childhoods together and we didn't always get along, however, most of the time we had fun and love to spend time together as adults. We are always doing this pose - it's our way of saying hi and I love you lol (picture Ryan, me and Jason) and yes I'm the oldest and smallest
  4. My 'fousins' : this is our term for fake cousins. In short, our parents went to school together - some since kindergarten, got married and had kids all around the same time and we were often together. The parents are like aunts and uncles to me and all 5 couples are still together (all around 40 years of marriage each).
    I was closest to my age group of fousins: Renee, Sean, Bobby, Kiki and Chelsea then and now I am closest to Kiki and her sister Dannie. We are all 25-35 years old and some have their own kids and the group with spouses is now close to 40 ppl and we all invite each other to weddings and baby showers!!! (Picture of Dannie, Kiki and me)
  5. Cousins: my grandma has a little sign that says 'cousins are your first friends' and it's so true. I'm closest to the ones on my mom's side because of almost weekly Sunday dinners as kids, a summer cabin and general shared interests. We are still pretty close and share a nice bond. I'm the oldest and the youngest in this group is 21!
    My one cousin is trying to do a D to represent missing cousin Denise from this pic. Unfortunately for us she is super smart and accomplished and living in NYC and often cannot make it to our events. We do see her occasionally but not as often. (Picture: Julie, Zach, me, Sarah in front and Ryan, Jason and Joel in the back)
  6. Street friends: as kids we often spent most summer days playing on the street. Street hockey, rollerblades, slip n slide, wadding pools, baseball and hide and seek!! We all played together from ages 5- 15 when my family moved and kept in touch longer. Some of us are still Facebook friends.
  7. School friends: I went to a small elementary school where I was with the same kids from grade 2-6 and they were my best friends. Some of us are still Facebook friends but I don't see any of them in person anymore.
  8. High school friends: I hung out with pretty much the same group of friends from 1997-2007 (we graduated in 2000). We were very close and honestly still acquaintances. Some people from this group still hang out more regularly than others. I would say we were a group from 4-20 people on any given Friday or Saturday.
    Thats me 10 years ago in the front!!
  9. Lindsay: she is from the above group and sadly moved about 6 years ago to the west coast. Different time zones and her having a family has prevented us from seeing each other often but we have monthly phone dates! She is awesome and so thoughtful and even came back to be a bridesmaid in my wedding
    (Us at my wedding)
  10. Static
    (Photo of us about 15 years ago- yes I was blonde until age 27!)
  11. University friends. In 2005 I started my education degree and became close with 30 new people for 2 years. I finally felt like I truly was understood and my love of organizing, planning, markers and all school supplies was finally not weird but totally normal with this group.
    I became especially close with about 5 people- 4 of whom I see occasionally still and 1 that is my best friend!!! (Picture: us having a sleepover!)
  12. Erin: my best friend from 2005 to present! She is my soul mate. The Christina to my Meredith. The Sookie to my Lorelei etc etc. We bonded over our love of the show the OC and Beverly Hills 90210 (the original that was in re-runs when we met) and basically every show since.
    For 7 years straight we would spend every summer in California together! We have also been known to just get in the car and drive for hours to get to a Target (we don't have them here) shop and turn around and come back home which is a lot of driving for some 1$ ally junk lol. We often meet up during the week to discuss school/life/our partners etc and I always feel better after talking/spending time together
  13. School friends : I am lucky to have bonded with some great teacher over the years. I am closest to Nicole and Megan.
    Megan and I are closer in age and taught the same grade for years. We can make fun of ourselves and just got along so well since day one. (Picture of megan and I dressed up for twin day)
  14. (Picture of Megan, me and Nicole all showing our team spirit when the Winnipeg Jets made the playoffs in 2015)
    Nicole is the reason I would get to work early and we would have our coffee and debate world issues or complain about our admin! She is an amazing human! We message almost daily now that we are in different schools 😥
  15. My sister in laws: Tiffany since 2003, Lisa since 2010 and Tara since 2011
    Tiffany is married to my brother Jason and has been part of my family for so long and she is quieter and reserved and the first sister I ever had. Lisa is married to my brother Ryan and she and I became fast BFFs. We message each other a million times a day and are very close. Tara is married to my husband's brother (also named Jason) and is also a teacher. We got it off immediately both being teachers and very like-minded. She is like the big sister I never had. (Picture: 2011 me w tiff & Lisa)
  16. Anthony: my husband. There are other lists where I talk about him but we became friends first. We have known each other since high school and started hanging out in 2007 and became official in 2011 and never looked back! We have many pictures together but this one is my favourite (2015)
  17. My nieces and nephews: Kenadie (age 9) and Ryder (age 6) Tara and Jason's kids
  18. Blake (age 4) and Jenna (age 3) Jason and Tiffany's kids. Emma (age 1).
    All 5 are so special to me and I have a special relationship with each of them. I feel so lucky to have them in my life. Being an aunty is the best!!
  19. This list is making me feel extremely grateful for all the amazing people in my life. Sorry this list is long!