I live in Winnipeg, MB (Canada) and I went to my cousin's wedding in Ottawa, ON (Canada)
  1. Ottawa is the capital city of Canada
    This is where parliament is
  2. Our Prime Minister lives there (it's like a President)
    Justin Trudeau
  3. My uncle worked for the armed forces and has lived all over Canada before settling with his family in Ottawa
  4. My Ottawa family is always coming to Winnipeg for weddings and funerals
  5. I see my cousins once every 2 years usually
  6. This time most of us winnipeggers (yes that is what we call ourselves) took the time to go to Ottawa!! There were 12 of us from here that went by car or plane
  7. We took a plane and it's about a 2 hr flight
    Enough time to watch a movie
  8. We stayed in a hotel and spent most of our time in downtown Ottawa
  9. We are a lot of great food - because on vacation why not!! Some highlights are big breakfasts, amazing donuts and...
  10. Poutine!! I realize people on here may not have heard of poutine but in eastern Canada it's a thing!! It's essentially French fries, cheese and gravy. It's sounds weird to most but is so good!! Ottawa has a lot of breakfast poutine (my favourite) it's made with tater tots, eggs, bacon and hollandaise. It's deadly, heart wise, but so amazing!!!
  11. There was also Ribfest while we were there!! My fiancé and brother were very excited!!!
  12. The wedding was beautiful and outdoors at a yacht club. The flowers were my favourite.
  13. The weather was beautiful: sunny and hot...in the 30C (which can be around low 80sF)
  14. This was the last wedding I will attend before my own wedding - 6 weeks away! It made me nervous to think I'm next and how much will have to be done before that day, but also excited because it was a fun party and I can't wait to party with my friends and family
  15. I was soooo glad we could all go to support Sarah and Pascal in their marriage
  16. Now to board the plane, watch a movie and get home