I'm getting married on August 6 and for the past 1.5 years it's has been all consuming...now the final month just has little details to finish up. With the wedding approaching I thought I would list how we got to this point!
  1. I'm 34 and my fiancé, Anthony, will be 34 this fall. We started out as friends, then friends with benefits before being 'official' and this is our story. Sometimes it does end in marriage!
  2. We went to different High Schools but had many friends in common. We would sometimes end up at the same parties and knew of each other but weren't friends at this time. We graduated in 2000 to give context on the timeline...
  3. We didn't really see each for years after High School but still had some friends in common so it's possible we saw each other more often than we took notice.
  4. In 2007 we met up at again at a bar. He was with his friends celebrating his stag and I was with my friends celebrating her stagette! We had these dare cards and since I knew him and his friends from High School I would go to them to complete my dares. To be truthful I made out with his friend on this night and was crushing on him.
  5. His above mentioned friend gave me his number and we started chatting and he invited me to a social (parties we have as fundraisers for future weddings where I'm from).
  6. Since I now had a crush on this friend I HAD to go to this social and dragged a friend. BTW this friend is still friends with both of us and is one of our groomsmen.
  7. At the social I spent a lot of time also chatting with Anthony.
  8. The next week Anthony 'friended' me on Facebook. Facebook was still fairly new to us then. We often joke and thank Mark Zuckerberg for our relationship because this is how we started 9 years ago!!
  9. We would Facebook chat every morning and evening (before smartphones when you couldn't be on Facebook all day, you had to log into a computer) and started a friendship.
  10. Then he asked for my number and began a texting relationship. At this time we also dated other people. I'm sure we were in denial that this was more than a friendship.
  11. By 2009 we were hanging out more. We were in our late 20s and a lot of our friends were getting married and having babies so it was nice to have a friend on a Saturday night to watch movies with.
  12. That friendship turned into a friends with benefits situation. Fuck buddies but with more... It was perfect for both of us really. We were happy to have this non-serious thing at this point in our lives. We were both more focused on careers than actually being in some committed relationship. Plus being kind of secretive was fun too!
  13. By 2011, we were certainly hanging out more and friends and family started to question this friendship. I was still in denial that I had actual feelings more than this being fun! I went away for 6 weeks in the summer and he continued to message me and we made plans for when I would return. I guess absence does make the heart grow fonder.
  14. I returned and he came over that night...we discussed a trip the next week we would take together and 2 weddings we would be each other's dates to and he then said that maybe this was more than a friendship and we should make things more 'official' and would I be his girlfriend. My honest reaction was is it worth the risk?!
  15. By risk I mean lose this great guy as a friend. Let's be honest we were already in a relationship but by telling everyone and being official I was afraid if it went poorly we would not only break up but I would lose one of my best friends.
  16. He said 'don't you think this would be worth the risk?' At that point I couldn't deny that we were a couple and I really really liked him and so August 10, 2011 we became a couple.
  17. In 2014 we were living together in a place I had before we were together and it was small and didn't feel like ours. We had discussed getting married but also really wanted a new place. We agreed that a mortgage together was a more important commitment and decided to go all in and buy the house of our dreams. Engagement and weddings can wait.
  18. December 21, 2014 we were on a Christmas vacation in Mexico and went for an evening walk where Anthony surprised me with a proposal. I was shocked since 1. we had been on many trips with no proposal it wasn't a give in that we would as many people assumed and 2. we had just bought a house and I didn't think there was money for that.
  19. We have been engaged for 1.5 years, living together for over 3 years, dating officially for 5 years, sleeping together for 7 years, Facebook friends for 9 years and have know each other almost 20 years... And in 1 month we will be married 💕