1. I didn't mention him much but Sam was my cat
  2. I never had any pets growing up and when I was 19 I convinced my parents to let me get a cat.
    I still lived at home so I needed their ok
  3. They agreed as long as I paid all the bills and took care of all the cleaning etc
  4. He was my cat but the whole family fell in love with him
  5. Sam was energetic and cuddly
  6. Sam got a lot of compliments on his appearance since he is a tuxedo cat- everyone loved his markings. Especially the vet
  7. He was playful and would bite when annoyed
  8. I bought my first house he came with me and I joked that he was my roommate
  9. Sam got diabetes that first year in my new place. I had to learn how to give needles (which is one of my biggest fears) and he had to go to the vet every 2 weeks. It was expensive, especially since living on my own was already hard enough financially.
  10. He miraculously was cured of diabetes after about a year
  11. Sam barely had any other medical conditions and was shockingly healthy after living through diabetes
  12. 6 years ago Anthony moved in with us. We were worried because he was allergic to many cats and more of a dog person. We discussed giving Sam up for adoption but Anthony wasn't allergic to Sam, he didn't shed much, and grew fond of him quickly
  13. Sam was known for being angry when I would first walked through the door as he was always hungry and then once fed he would cuddle up on me while I watched tv or read
  14. When it was nice out he enjoyed being on a leash and outside for hours and hours
  15. All my nieces and nephews were fascinated with him
  16. He made the move 3 years ago to our new place as well
  17. Last summer he started to 'escape' twice he made it out of the house when someone was over and the patio doors were not shut. Once he was at a close neighbour's and they called because he had a tag. The other time we walked around the streets and he was in a nearby bush
    When he would be gone- Anthony and I would worry. I didn't want him to be gone forever like that
  18. This past spring he seemed very sick. He didn't leave a spot for 3 days. Our always starving cat didn't eat. We took him to the vet and they said his bladder was full due to a hurt leg he probably didn't want to leave. Most cats would relieve themselves anywhere but not him. They weren't sure if it was part to a bigger medical condition.
  19. We didn't want him to suffer and said if he wasn't well we were ok with putting him down but the vet tried a few things and more money than I care to admit was spent
  20. This could have gone two ways the vet said: he would be better after the pills or he would remain sick and need to be put down
  21. We got home and minutes later Sam was himself again. He was energetic and hungry
  22. Sam had been healthy since that day and himself. We kinda joked he would live forever. At almost 16 years old he was still acting like a young cat.
  23. Friday, June 30, I was getting ready for my last day of work for the school year. An emotional day, saying goodbye to my grade 5s made even harder as this group of kids are amazing and so caring and kind
  24. Anthony kissed me goodbye and went off as I was getting dressed but he came back a few minutes later with a sad look in his eye. He had found Sam in the basement just laying on the carpet
  25. Obviously this list has a lot of past-tense so it's no surprise to read that Sam was found dead that am. He came and told me and held me as I sobbed. More from shock
  26. I went down to see Sam and pet him one last time. I cried that I didn't get to say goodbye and that I didn't have enough pictures
  27. Sam lived a very good life and Im very happy that he didn't suffer over time and that it was sudden. I'm fortunate we didn't have to make a tough decision in a vet's office
  28. Anthony took Sam to the vet as I went to work and the vet took care of everything
  29. I told my family later that evening at the cabin and they had tears in their eyes as well Sam was a family member for so many years
  30. I got home Sunday from the cabin and he wasn't there to greet me- angry and starving. I watched some tv last night and no cat cuddled and purred on my lap.
  31. I didn't talk a lot about Sam but that was because he was always just around and now he is gone and it feels sad and strange
  32. Just wanted to write this list to get some feelings out
  33. Sam just chilling when we first moved into our house 2014
  34. Sam warming up in front of our fireplace. Christmas 2015
  35. Sam with Blake and Jenna 2017