1. Ryder, my nephew on my husband's side, turns 7 next week on June 30!
  2. He is hockey obsessed. He can recite facts for almost all Winnipeg Jets and lots of other teams.
  3. He plays hockey and is pretty good for his age and mostly just loves it
  4. A few months ago with saw an ad to sign up for a 2 day hockey camp with Mark Schiefele - A favourite player from the Winnipeg Jets
  5. It's a bit pricey but the proceeds go to Kidsport- supporting sports for children that cannot normally join. We called his dad, my husband's brother, and decided to go in together on the cost as a bday present
  6. Friday we ordered some wings, watched the NHL hockey draft together and let him know about the surprise.
  7. Here he is in a box being cute. He turned this into his home Friday and drew a tv with the Jets winning the Stanley Cup on it
  8. Saturday morning we woke up early to see him do hockey drills with some Jets and our AHL affiliate, the Manitoba Moose
  9. In the afternoon his parents were busy with his sister and work so we took him for the afternoon
  10. We ate subway, watched Mighty Ducks 1 and 2, coloured pictures of hockey arenas and he played hockey on the Xbox
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  13. He never stops asking questions and is overall just a great kid
  14. This am was his turn with Mark Schiefele and Josh Morrissey
  15. They interacted with him so much and it was such an amazing experience for him and us
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  18. This kid already has a lot of toys and needs and wants nothing more so I was very happy to pay for a memorable experience over stuff
  19. This was the 3rd annual and his first time but we are hoping that this can be a tradition for years to come