1. My husband was off for a week and a half and we were busy with projects
  2. Truth: I was getting annoyed. We work in different ways and felt like we were not on the same page a lot
    Opposites attract am I right?!?
  3. Anyways every project turned out great so it was worth all the work and back and forth
  4. He goes back to work tomorrow and I'll continue to be on my own schedule
  5. We had a nice little weekend so I wanted to list about it
  6. Saturday morning we had some breakfast at home and headed out early
  7. There is this amazing cheese factory just 20 min out of the city in the city of New Bothwell, MB. Bothwell cheese is sold everywhere and has some amazing cheese and we heard that the store attached to the factory is worth checking out
  8. It was so cute you guys. They had a sigh saying their cheese is made from ingredients from the area only
  9. They had samples and my favourite was habanero cracked pepper
    It was so spicy!! If you like spicy it's worth a try. Anthony loves the Horseradish cheddar
  10. Then we remembered this amazing pizza crust we were told about in Starbuck, MB and we were like why not drive all over the province and make home made pizza for dinner
    If you like thin, crispy crust then this is the best!!
  11. We then headed back to Winnipeg and went to Ikea! We only got an IKEA 6 years ago and for years, before we got one, it was my favourite place to go on vacations. I love organizing what can I say. It's still fun to wander and we picked up a few nice prints and plants to add to our place
  12. Then we went back to a new outlet mall and I had an amazing sandwich. Lol is it crazy that I haven't stopped thinking about it?!?
  13. Plus I got 2 new pairs of shoes at DSW
    The left, Coral, ones are more for work or with a cute dress on an outing and the right ones are comfortable, Roxy slip ons that Im sure I'll wear a lot in the fall
  14. Once home I did my favourite thing
    Reading in the sun on my pool chair/lounger
  15. Then Anthony and I made amazing pizzas and watched Netflix
  16. This am we headed to his parents
  17. His mom made a delicious brunch that we ate outdoors. She even made her specialty: cheese scones, which are my favourite
  18. Then we headed to a near by farmer's market and wandered around
    Most people buy veggies and I bought this stuff to add to wine and then you freeze it to make wine slushes 💁🏼🍹
  19. Then we cruised around in Anthony's dad's Camero convertible
    Thats Anthony and his dad in the front and his mom and me in the back, excuse my crazy wind-blown hair
  20. We went to this 80 year old dinner for ice cream too
  21. Then headed home
  22. Anthony went golfing with a friend
  23. I did more of this
  24. Now I'm eating leftover pizza, watching Parenthood and overall just comfortable on the couch
  25. Hope everyone had a good weekend 💛