On Wednesday my bff and I went to the I Love the 90's Concert! Being born in the 80's and spending my teens in the 90's this was amazing!!!
  1. We bought floor seats months ago and even ordered these tanks off Etsy
  2. So many people were dressed in 90's hair and clothes. It was like being in the 90's but being an adult!
  3. Static
    My bff Erin and I
  4. First there was a trivia game on stage to win t-shirts where they played tv theme songs and you had to guess what show they were from
  5. There was a DJ playing all 90's songs - mostly hip hop (my fav) before it all started
  6. They called it a party and not a concert and we were literally on our feet dancing for 3hours
  7. First up Young MC
    He did a few songs and ended with his hit 'Bust a Move'
  8. Then it was Biz Markie
    He did not seem well and was in no shape to preform. His hit 'Just a Friend' was sang by mostly the crowd
  9. Colour Me Badd
    They were amazing. I was first introduced to them on BH 90210 and obviously loved them if Kelly and Donna did! They played all their hits including 'I Adore Mi Amor' and 'I Wanna Sex You Up' they also did a cover of Blackstreet's 'No Diggity' which is one of my favourite songs!
  10. Rob Base
    He did a great job of recreating all his 90's hits such as 'It Takes Two' 'Joy and Pain' 'I Wanna Rock'
  11. All 4 One
    One of my favourite groups, and still is, Boyz II Men and growing up so I wasn't the biggest fan of this foursome but of course loved 'I Swear' which they played. They also did some good covers of other 90's hits
  12. Salt N Pepa!!!!!!!!!
    The main event and reason for being excited to get tickets in the first place
  13. Static
  14. Static
  15. I was 12 listening to Shoop over and over on my Walkman and honestly have never stopped loving their music. At 12 I would have never been allowed to go to their concert, nor would they have come to Winnipeg but now at 35 I danced and belted out the lyrics to their songs and was so happy. Bucket list item for sure!!!
  16. They talked about their friendship and girl power for over 31 years!!! And instructed girls with their girls friends to hug 💛
  17. They sang 'Let's Talk About Sex' 'Whatta Man' and 'Shoop' amount other songs
  18. Spinderella - their DJ played a set of 90's covers that reflected all the major hits of the 90's not only hip hop but Guns and Roses and Nirvana as well
  19. I don't go to many concerts but I'm so glad we were at this one! Everything was high energy and everyone was dancing and singing!!
  20. The next morning I woke up and felt so sore and remembered it was from dancing!
  21. Listers if you love the 90's and this show is in your neighbourhood- GO!!!
  22. Have a good Easter long weekend everyone!!