Erin is my best friend. We met 10 years ago and it was like meeting my soul mate!! Tonight we went to our favourite sushi place to catch up
  1. How crazy June is for teachers
  2. How I'm afraid I will look dumb/ugly/fat in my wedding dress
  3. How my cat is considered a senior at the vet and I was hoping he would need glasses
  4. How much we love this restaurant
  5. LA rental and parking stories
    We live in central Canada and would spend every summer (5 weeks for 7 years) in LA together!!
  6. Her new apartment
    She moves in 1 week!!
  7. My wedding to do list
    45 days until the big date
  8. How our SOs are unorganized and we are super-organized and how it's true opposites truly attract in relationships but not in friendships!
  9. Upcoming summer holidays!
    We are both teachers who get July and August off
  10. Planning for when Gilmore Girls will come out on Netflix and how we will need to take the day off work and get a bunch of food (to honour Rory and Lorelei, of course)
  11. Discussing this weekend upcoming quick Ottawa trip for my cousin's wedding!
  12. Overall I was feeling tired, stressed and overwhelmed but 2 hours with my best friend made me feel amazing and refreshed! Best friends are so important!!