Inspired by @julieann718 and many others
  1. My mom's lasagna
    I also thought my mom was the only one who made it. It was the only one I had until I was a teenager for sure. I make a version of it, but my mom's is still the best!
  2. Grape freezies or Popsicles
    Grape was always my go-to flavour. I'm still shocked when people tell me they don't like grape
  3. Hotdogs
    What kid didn't ... I still do!
  4. KD w 'pennies'
    Cup up hot dogs that my mom called pennies. Honestly, thought she invented this idea, however, the many pics on the internet would disprove this lol
  5. White bread
    My mom didn't want us to eat white bread, so my grandma always bought it for me. Now I wouldn't even want it, multigrain for me, unless it's a hotdog bun!
  6. Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  7. Pb & j
    I'm a teacher in a nut free school, otherwise I would still want this for lunch
  8. Cinnamon toast
    Actually not sure why I stopped eating this...legit snack!
  9. Bagels or rice cakes with Cheese Whiz
    We had this every time we would go swimming in the summer for some reason
  10. Kool-Aid
    My brothers and I would take turns picking the flavour- I always picked grape, of course!
  11. Screwballs
    Only had them at my grandparent's cabin when we would walk to the little convince store! Enjoyed best with small wooden spoon.
  12. Fishsticks and tator tots
    I mean did all kids eat this once a week??
  13. Alphaghetti
    A lunch time staple during summer holidays. Now I steal bites from my niece and nephew's bowls - still yummy!
  14. What a fun list and now I'm hungry!!!